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Our mission: To develop future global leaders

You want an international experience, but you also want to work in industry. GEARE enables you to do both! 


The Global Engineering Alliance for Research and Education (GEARE) Program is Purdue’s premier international work experience program, and the most comprehensive global engineering training program in the country. It provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to integrate language study, study abroad, cultural training, domestic and international work/research experiences, and global design team projects into the traditional 4-year Engineering curriculum. Students completing the program will earn a Global Engineering Studies Minor while enhancing the intercultural competencies necessary to be effective leaders within the global work environment.

At Purdue

  • Foreign language study

  • Cultural training seminars

Outside Purdue

  • Full-semester study abroad experience

  • Domestic internship

  • International internship / research experience

  • Global design team project

On top of all the experiences, you will also obtain a minor in Global Engineering studies. Only 2% of students in the US have experience working abroad. Differentiate yourself from the crowd and enhance your global competence.


  • At all times

    • ​Student in the College of Engineering
    • Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher

  • Prior to departure

    • 12 credits of foreign language 

    • Attend 5 mandatory seminars 

    • One domestic internship

    • Orientation seminar ENGR 297

  • While abroad​

    • One semester of study abroad

    • Orientation seminar ENGR 397

    • International internship or research experience (minimum 10-12 weeks)

  • Upon return​

    • Orientation seminar ENGR 497

    • Present study abroad & work experiences at GEARE Poster Symposium to underclassmen

    • Design Team Project

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Dear Global Engineers,


Since 2003, the Purdue GEARE program has been the premier global engineering training program in the U.S.. The GEARE program combines the engineering curriculum with language study, study abroad, professional experiences, and global projects. Structured activities and mentorship provided by the program are proven to enhance student’s global competencies. These global competencies have enhanced students career possibilities, pushed students to higher levels of education, and have led to overseas work after graduation.


Since 2014, it has been my great pleasure to coordinate this program and interact with its students. In my opinion, there is no greater satisfaction than being part of students development as they achieve their professional and personal goals. I look forward to interacting with many future students and following the success of our alums.


This is a student run website aimed at providing advice for current students preparing for international study and work, building a strong network of globally minded engineers, and a place to share the stories and accomplishments of our students and alums. I invite you to visit the site and come back often to keep up with the latest news, help with your global experience, and build your network.


Contact Joe Tort

Associate Director

Global Professional Practice

Purdue University



  • Control group

    • 40 Purdue STEM students that participated in a non GEARE multi-semester skill developmental program

  • Comparison group

    • 52 Purdue students ​without any mentoring experience