How Your Donation Impacts Our Program

Student Scholarships:

It is important for GEARE to remain a cost neutral program. As the number of students, countries, and opportunities expands, there is a wide variance in compensation for the global internship or research experience. In certain destinations compensation for internship is not enough to cover cost of living expenses. Funds raise through donations provide scholarships to GEARE students participating in internships abroad with low compensation rates. GEARE is currently giving out $1,000 - $2,000 per scholarship. 

Remote Global Engineering Projects:

Due to COVID, GEARE has expanded opportunities for students to participate in engineering projects with students from international partners without the need for travel. These projects include collaboration between university and industry partners. Mentorship for the projects is provided by Purdue faculty and Graduate TA’s.  Funds from donations may be used to assist with project coordination.

Donate to GEARE

Gifts given to GEARE will be utilized to help to expand the GEARE program through development of new university exchanges and professional opportunities in new countries. These gifts will also serve to enhance intercultural training efforts and support living expenses for students while working abroad.