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Ping Bu Loke

SVP Engineering & Technology Rohde & Schwarz

Practicing the German language, exposure to Germany’s preferred technical communication style and direct immersion in the German culture has provided me with the necessary fundamentals to embark on a career path that eventually landed me back in Germany.

Tessa Groll

Consulting Specialist


GEARE was a life changing experience for me that provided me with a variety of tools and skills that I have used throughout my life. GEARE is also a huge talking point with people and I love relaying my experience. The language skills I developed have also been a great asset and I still use them to this day.

Neeladhri Rama

Systems Integrator


GEARE provided me a jumpstart to my career by exposing me to cultural differences across different countries in the business world at a very early stage of my career.  The intercultural experience I gained was key to my first job out of college as a Global Trainee at ZF Group. I also gained a lot of leadership skills when I was part of the GEARE Executive board.


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