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Here is some text. I took this font and text formatting from the ABOUT page.

Welcome to the GEARE Template! 

Please duplicate this page, and make changes on the duplicate, this way the template will always be available. 

I have written some guidelines as to how to use this template on the right side.

You will note that this page is made of 3 sections. Header, information, and footer. Header and footer are shared between all pages, make sure to remember that if you are going to change things.

We only care about the information page, which has been modeled to look like social media posts due to their high modularity.

Each "post" is made up of a Wix element called a strip. These are not white.

You will notice a pop effect on these strips. This is done using the padding for the strip. This requires the strip to have 2 columns. All strips must hence have 2 columns (or more). Yes, it will be jank,but I do what I can.

This strip has 3 columns


You will notice that the spacing between strips is consistent! I'm sneaky and I put a super small transparent strip between each of the big strips. Make sure that this tiny strip is at the minimum width, and you will have consistent spacing too!

If you need more than 3 strips, I would recommend just copy pasting them. There is some weird color stuff going on.

If you delete the big strips, don't forget about the little ones used for spacing!

I probably forgot to say something, so feel free to ping me any time!