How to Apply for GEARE

To apply, please complete the GEARE Application. Be prepared to provide your transcript, resume, and application essay. Engineering students have two opportunities to apply for the GEARE Program.

Application Cycle 1 is open for for Second Semester FYE students from February 1st- February 28th each year.​ Application Cycle 1 candidates will be notified about program acceptance during the first week of April.

Application Cycle 2 is open for first semester sophomore engineering students from September 1st – September 30th each year.

Application Cycle 2 candidates will be notified about program acceptance prior to November 1st.

During the application cycle, students should enter the OPP opportunities database and select student login. Students can use their career account credentials to login. Once in the database, students should select Surveys from the left side bar, then click on the GEARE application survey box in the center of the screen. All areas of the survey should be completed and the resume and transcript uploaded for the application to be considered fully submitted. 



At All Times

  • Student in the College of Engineering

  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA

Prior to Departure

  • 12 credits of foreign language or demonstrate equivalent proficiency

  • Attend 5 mandatory seminars

  • Complete one domestic internship

  • Orientation seminar ENGR 297

While Abroad

  • International internship or research experience (minimum 10-12 weeks)

  • One semester of study abroad

  • Orientation Seminar ENGR 397

Upon Return

  • Orientation seminar ENGR 497

  • Present study abroad & work experience at GEARE Poster Symposium to underclassmen

  • Global Design Team Project

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Traditional Timeline

GEARE schedule.png

Co-op + GEARE Schedule

GEARE+Coop schedule.png


  • For most study abroads, students pay standard Purdue tuition as if they were on on-campus.
  • $800 is required to be part of the GEARE program.
  • GEARE is a cost neutral program when considering scholarships and internship salaries.


Students are strongly encouraged to apply for grants/scholarships wherever they can. Below are grants currently available​
    • A grant offered by the Office of Professional Practice, which offsets the cost of living in a foreign country.​ ​​
  • PURDUE MOVES SCHOLARSHIP (more information can be found here)
    • Scholarship offered by the Purdue Study Abroad Office, to fund your activities during your study abroad/global internship.