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This year, the GEARE program had the pleasure of participating in Winterization 2021, a community service project in which students from Purdue University and the surrounding area assist in preparing the yards and homes of the elderly and disabled throughout Tippecanoe County for winter. Throughout the morning on November 13th, seven of the members of the GEARE program contributed to the event by visiting two houses where they were able to interact with the residents while also helping with things such as raking leaves, washing windows, cleaning gutters, and trimming bushes. On top of this, the members who participated were able to experience valuable team building experiences and connect with one another through the volunteer work.

In the past, GEARE has been involved with Winterization, as well as other charity and volunteer events such as Purdue Dance Marathon and Relay for Life. Although the club does not specifically focus on volunteer work, they are still important for the program as a whole. One of the main goals of GEARE is to give students the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the global community so that they can become more effective leaders throughout the global community. The volunteer work provided by opportunities such as Winterization are a great way to help augment and enhance the leadership skills that students gain throughout the program, while also allowing the club to give back to the local community. In the future, the GEARE program will continue its involvement in helping the Greater Lafayette area to continue to build off the things that it has already accomplished.

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