Our mission: To develop future global leaders

Develop the necessary skill-sets to succeed in the increasingly competitive global market. Here is what you will get out from the program:

At Purdue

  • Foreign language study

  • Cultural training seminars

Outside Purdue

  • Full-semester study abroad experience

  • Domestic internship

  • International internship / research experience

  • Global design team project

GEARE is flexible with how you design your international journey. It is up to YOU to create your own tailored plan. We will support you in every way we can via our alumni network, corporate partners etc.



  • At all times

    • ​Student in the College of Engineering
    • Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher

  • Prior to departure

    • 12 credits of foreign language 

    • Attend 5 mandatory seminars 

    • One domestic internship

    • Orientation seminar ENGR 297

  • While abroad​

    • One semester of study abroad

    • Orientation seminar ENGR 397

    • International internship or research experience (minimum 10-12 weeks)

  • Upon return​

    • Orientation seminar ENGR 497

    • Present study abroad & work experiences at GEARE Poster Symposium to underclassmen

    • Design Team Project


Traditional GEARE Schedule

GEARE schedule.png

Application period 1

Application period 2 (Sophomores with language credits)

Co-op + GEARE Schedule

GEARE+Coop schedule.png

More information on the Co-op program found here



  • For most study abroads, students pay standard Purdue tuition as if they were on on-campus.
  • $800 is required to be part of the GEARE program.
  • GEARE is a cost neutral program when considering scholarships and internship salaries.
General information regarding the cost to participate in the GEARE program can be found here.


Students are strongly encouraged to apply for grants/scholarships wherever they can. Below are grants currently available
A grant offered by the Office of Professional Practice, which offsets the cost of living in a foreign country.​ 
  • PURDUE MOVES SCHOLARSHIP (more information can be found here)
Scholarship offered by the Purdue Study Abroad Office, to fund your activities during your study abroad/global internship.


(found here)
The application should be submitted to POTR 114 (Office of Professional Practice, Potter Engineering Center, Room 114, 500 Central Drive, West Lafayette, IN 47907). Applications must be turned in by by the end of February for freshmen, or the end of September for sophomores. If you are applying as a sophomore, you must have at least 3 credits in a foreign language completed, or have the ability to test out of 3 credits while currently enrolled in foreign language course. Status of acceptance or rejection will be given approximately 30 calendar days after submission.