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Frequently Asked Questions


Can undergrad research experience (E.g., SURF, DURI, etc.) be counted as my domestic internship?

Absolutely! Your domestic experience can be either work- or research-based.

How do scholarships work?

Most scholarships are transferrable provided students maintain full-time status while overseas (12 credit hours). For detailed information, please consult the Division of Financial Aid.

What is a co-sponsored program?

Co-sponsored programs are provided by “third party program providers”, which offer a package price on housing, meals, and tuition. It may be cheaper for out-of-state students to opt for co-sponsored programs. However, the transfer of credits and grades may not be direct. GEARE students should always consider DIRECT EXCHANGE programs first.

How do I get a global internship?

In many cases, students perform well in their domestic internships, and employers invite them to participate in a second internship overseas. Past students recommend starting very early to find the international internship if there is any uncertainty. OPP bundles your resumes periodically and sends them to suitable employers and GEARE corporate sponsors. Therefore, it is important for you to maintain the most up-to-date version of your resume on the OPP database so that we can send employers the best and most accurate information about you

What is the process of applying to a foreign university?

In your 5th semester, you enroll in a 1-credit hour GEARE seminar taught by Joe Tort. This class will prepare you for your time abroad, including ensuring that you get all documents ready, including visa and housing.

Can GEARE students be co-op students and vice versa?

Absolutely, though it will take some careful planning! Co-Op students have to meet with their GEARE coordinator to organize their plan of study.

How do I find living arrangements overseas?

Typically, it is relatively easy. In many cases, employers offer information on housing. Some students find apartments through local craigslist,, etc. Past students recommend living with non-American students while overseas.

When does the international internship start?

It depends on the country. Different countries have different academic calendar. (E.g., German Summer semester is April – Late July). You can negotiate with your employers regarding start/end dates for a 10-12 week internship.

Do I apply for a student visa or a work visa?

Typically, students apply for a student visa, but some employers may wish for you to have a work permit for liability reasons. You can refer your employers to OPP for more information.

How do I fulfill the Global Design Team Project?

Most students fullfill this requirement during their study abroad, by choosing project based courses. During the COVID-19 pandemic however, GEARE has shifted to offering project courses online, in collaboration with many international universities. Typically, GEARE students in mechanical engineering enroll in a special GEARE division of the ME 463 capstone design course.

Do I get grades or credit for my Study Abroad session?

Consult with your respective GEARE coordinators on this issue, as different schools have different rules.