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GEARE Students Abroad in 2022 - Part 6

As the world begins to return to some semblance of normalcy following the pandemic, we are thrilled to have our GEARE students abroad this semester all around the world. On a weekly basis throughout the semester, I will be sharing some of the experiences of the students abroad. The goal of these posts is to highlight the accomplishments and endeavors of our wonderful cohort of students abroad in 2022. In this week’s post, Rachael Snow and Gabriel Costa have shared some of their experiences being abroad.

Rachael Snow is an Industrial Engineering student currently studying abroad in Mexico at Tec de Monterrey - Querétaro. Her best experience so far has been “seeing the city center- the aqueducts, museums, plazas, churches, and art!” Also, she has “learned a good deal of Spanish already from [her] host family.”

She is “hoping to research this summer abroad and do part-time work this semester for research. The most appealing projects so far have been related to computational neuroscience in Spain.” One piece of advice that Rachael has for current students is to “use all of your contacts! Ask Joe and Francisco about opportunities and ask professors if they know anyone abroad that might be interested in working with you.”

Gabriel Costa is a Mechanical Engineering student currently working abroad in Stuttgart, Germany with 1886Ventures where he is working on “creating applications that allow for connectivity between cars and phones.” His best experience so far has been “traveling to nearby cities and getting to know more of the German history and lifestyle.”

After his internship, he will “move to Karlsruhe where [he] will begin [his] studies at KIT.” There he is planning on “getting involved with some local student organizations and focusing [his] studies on automotive-related topics.” One piece of advice that Gabriel has for current students is to “recognize the finite aspect of the experience and use it as motivation to make the most out of your time abroad.”

After the pandemic made global travel impossible in 2021, it is great to have GEARE students back studying and working around the world in 2022! I hope to continue to share student experiences like these throughout the rest of the semester, highlighting two new students every week.

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