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Student Spotlight

As recruiting season is well under way for internships and jobs, we wanted to highlight GEARE students who have been working hard over last summer working for various companies gaining professional experience.

Nicholas Mori, a senior in Industrial Engineering, worked for Tesla over the summer. At Tesla he worked on Model SX Batteries, Drive Units and Electronics as well as Model 3Y and Roadster Batteries. Optimized manufacturing lines, material flow, and our supply chain performing data-based decisions through the use of creating dashboards, scripts and data analysis. Former GEARE president Taka, who interned at Tesla last summer, mentored and prepped Nicholas for the application and interviews for internships.

Nicholas joined GEARE as it was a program unique to Purdue that helped students gain professional experience and a global perspective. While he has stayed in the program due to the friendships he has formed with fellow GEARE students. Nicholas is also involved in other organizations including Purdue Varsity Glee Club and the Mortar Board, senior honor society. Nicholas was able to turn his Tesla internship into a global experience as he is the first intern to be sponsored and sent to the EU site in the Netherlands, where he is currently working.

Phoebe Bailey, a junior in Chemical Engineering, worked for Avery Dennison in the graphics division. Through her internship she was able to improve efficiency, process modification which helped with cost savings for Avery Dennison through increased flow rate and minimize production downtime. In addition she worked with a cross functional team to reduce scrap material.

Phoebe joined GEARE to expand her global competencies through the study abroad and global work experience aspect of the program. In addition to GEARE, Phoebe is busy with a variety of organizations and involved in Purdue Women's Soccer Club, Alpha Gamma Delta, Purdue Honors College Global House, Tau Beta Pi, WIEP, and is a Supplemental Instruction Leader.

Aaron Hartzell, a junior in Mechanical Engineering, worked as a co-op student for Trane Technologies. Through his co-op experience Aaron was able to work in a variety of roles ranging from helping in the staging process for prototype air conditioners to researching methods of frost detection.

Aaron joined GEARE to combine his interest for multiple cultures and languages with a career in engineering, which he was able to get out of his co-op experience working with a diverse team of individuals.

Gabriel Costa, a junior in mechanical engineering, worked at IMMI. At Gabirel’s internship he worked designing and testing seat components for school buses.

Gabriel joined GEARE to gain intercultural skills and gain professional experience abroad. Which he was also able to do on campus as a member of the Purdue Electric Racing team and the Brazilian Student Association.

Our final GEARE student we want to feature is Shayan Bawaney, a senior who interned at SpaceX. He worked as a CAD designer for the new Starship rockets. More specifically he designed many flight parts used on the Starship’s boosters.

Like many other GEARE students, Shayan loves to travel and wanted to find an intersection between traveling and engineering. In addition to finding his passion in GEARE, Shayan was able to utilize GEARE networking sessions to help him prepare for Space X. When he’s not designing parts for the Starship, you can find Shayan on the Communications Team for the College of Engineering.

In addition to Nicholas, Phoebe, Aaron, Gabriel, and Shayan many other GEARE students have excelled in internships and co-ops this past summer and are making an impact on the world.

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