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2023 GEARE Poster Symposium

In November, GEARE hosted the 2023 Poster Symposium for those in the ENGR 497 course. Those who choose to study abroad, or take on an international internship, must take ENGR 497 (Global Engineering Re-Entry) in order to reflect on their personal development from their international experience. They also learn how to use their international experience to highlight themselves on their resumes and in interviews. The Poster Symposium is where these students can present their entire global experience through a poster presentation. Over 50 students were able to share their global experiences!

In order to get a first-hand account on their experience with the event, GEARE had the pleasure of speaking with the second runner-up poster winner Ryan Brown. Ryan had his study abroad experience at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and his work experience at AMC Mecanocaucho in Spain. In addition to his own presentation, Ryan enjoyed “seeing other people’s experiences and hearing about their time abroad.” Purdue’s vast range of international connections provides students with the luxury to choose between many options for their international experience in order to cater to their unique personal and professional interests.

Events like these give students the ability to share their own experience and learn from others’ as well. It is important not only to share our experience but also to “summarize and reflect on the journey” that people had. The GEARE Poster Symposium is a capstone event for graduating seniors, but it is also a great experience for underclassmen to see what unique opportunities are available within the program. Overall, the 2023 Poster Symposium was a successful end to the GEARE program for our seniors and an enriching opportunity for people to learn more about the program.

Mona Abdul-Aziz

First Year Engineering, ‘27

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