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GEARE Student Experiences in 2022 - Part 3

Nicholas Mori is a senior in Industrial Engineering and is the president of GEARE Ambassadors for this school year. He has completed a wide variety of experiences over the past couple of school years and summers. This includes participating in “research in the uSMART Lab under Dr. Cai”, being an “industrial engineering intern at Tesla in Fremont, California, and Tilburg, Netherlands for 13 months”, being a “hardware project manager intern at Microsoft in Seattle, Washington”, as well as “studying abroad at HKUST in Hong Kong.” Aside from his academic and industry experiences, one of the highlights of his journey was “traveling to over 30 cities in 14 countries” during his time abroad.

In his experiences, Nick has enjoyed “having the opportunity to learn, have large amounts of responsibility and freedom, and make an impact.” He also has had the fantastic opportunity “to be able to meet new people from different cultures all around the world and is proud to say that [he has] a decent number of friends in both Europe and Asia.”

The uniqueness of the GEARE program has allowed him to “combine two of [his] biggest interests in one program.” It’s one thing to have the opportunity to participate in a global program such as studying abroad but to also include the opportunity to get real-world work experience makes the GEARE program even more valuable. Nick has felt “fortunate to have had an amazing fusion of experiences, having met new people, and discovered new places.” After graduation, he is interested in “pursuing a career in an industry at the forefront of technology where [he] is able to learn and have a big impact.”

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