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Leveraging Your GEARE Experiences for Career Success

By the time you become a GEARE alum, you have studied and worked abroad, had new experiences, and discovered things that you never would have known otherwise. But what can you gain from GEARE after you complete the program? The truth is that the benefits of GEARE do not end once you end your time abroad with the program; in fact, it is just the beginning of a promising career enriched by diverse experiences gained abroad. The international immersion opportunities provided by GEARE offer invaluable insights and skills that can significantly enhance your prospects in the professional world. Let’s explore how your experiences as a former GEARE student can help unlock exciting career opportunities and propel your professional growth: 

Global Network & International Opportunities 

As a GEARE alum, you are now a part of a global network of professionals spanning various industries and sectors. Using this network can open doors to exciting international career opportunities, whether that be cross-border projects to multinational and international organizations. Staying connected with fellow GEARE alumni and exploring international job opportunities and networking events will allow you to capitalize on the global opportunities available to you. Joining the GEARE LinkedIn and Facebook alumni groups is a great example of how to make the most of your global network and international opportunities.

Cross-Cultural Communication Skills 

Communication is a skill essential for success in any career, but particularly in a globalized context. Your experiences abroad with GEARE have helped you develop your cross-cultural communication skills, enabling you to communicate effectively with individuals with diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. From negotiating with clients from different countries to pursuing a career abroad after participating in GEARE, your proficiency in cross-cultural communication can be an asset in various professional settings. 

Problem-Solving Across Multicultural Settings 

The ability to solve complex problems in general is a common theme amongst all Purdue engineers, but GEARE provides the unique opportunity of solving complex problems in multicultural settings. Your experiences abroad exposed you to unique challenges that required creative problem-solving approaches and innovative thinking. From adapting to unfamiliar work practices and settings to overcoming language/cultural barriers, you continuously developed your problem-solving skills during GEARE, which demonstrates your ability to thrive in diverse and challenging environments. 


Cultural Intelligence & Global Mindset 

The career opportunities in today's world demand much more than just technical skills – it requires cultural intelligence and a global mindset. With your experiences abroad through GEARE, you have been exposed to different cultures, languages, customs, and perspectives; this makes you adept at navigating diverse work environments. Employers value candidates who can effectively collaborate with colleagues and clients from various cultural backgrounds. Highlighting your cultural intelligence and global mindset you gained from your time abroad through GEARE can set you apart in both job interviews and professional interactions. 

Incorporating your GEARE experiences into your resume and interview discussions throughout your career can further enhance your professional profile. Remember to highlight your own specific examples from when you were abroad of cross-cultural communication, problem-solving in multicultural settings, and examples of when you demonstrated cultural intelligence with a global mindset. By leveraging these diverse experiences and skills acquired through the GEARE program, you're more than well-prepared to continue your career path characterized by global engagement, cultural fluency, and professional success.

Margie Heritage

First Year Engineering ‘27


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